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Come celebrate the 5th Anniversary Tour with the Irish dance phenomenon that is sweeping the country, Rhythm in the Night, The Irish Dance Spectacular!  The '5th Anniversary Tour' celebrates achieving several multi-sellout and record-setting tours, along with becoming the fastest growing and most well attended Irish dance show in the country of its kind. Rhythm in the Night returns this Spring for its 5th consecutive coast to coast U.S. tour that critics and audiences alike have been raving about. Among several of the numerous sell-outs during the recent tours, Rhythm in the Night, The Irish Dance Spectacular achieved the first sellout in six years at the Struthers Library Theatre in Warren, Pennsylvania since they began their 'Celebrity Series' more than six years ago. Rhythm in the Night was also one of the first acts to sellout the Peoples Bank Theatre in Marietta, Ohio as part of their inaugural season and was the first sellout and highest grossing act in more than five years at the Schwartz Center for the Arts in Dover, Delaware, while also officially becoming the fastest growing Irish dance show in the country.


Referred to as ‘Sensational’ by the Akron Legal News and 'Absolutely Terrific' by New Jersey Stage, the 110-minute phenomenon, Rhythm in the Night, The Irish Dance Spectacular, reimagines traditional Irish dance to take the audience on an exciting journey of a fallen hero and his rise to redemption for an unforgettable experience the entire family will enjoy!   The accomplished cast featuring 20 of the world’s most skilled Irish dancers and musicians brings the inspiring story of  love and salvation to life against a backdrop of ancient ruins that transports the audience to another time and place where the imagination unfolds. The world-renowned Irish dance troupe performs lighting fast hard shoe rhythms and graceful soft shoe jigs to an epic orchestral soundtrack, while state of the art lighting ignites the stage into an explosive display of dance and music. Strength, agility and precision formulate the fast-paced and breath-taking experience on stage as the cast performs to the heart-pounding and fluid symphonic music that has enthralled audiences all across North America!


Darkness has fallen across the land. Evil has taken the unsuspecting kingdom by surprise. Deception now reigns and temptation has rivaled the strongest of wills. The evil sorceress Azura has trapped the legendary hero Balor under her spell to command her legion of relentless henchmen. Unable to free himself, hope remains lost for all those in the kingdom…until now.


In a final attempt to rescue their leader, the people have called upon Balor's loving companion Aisling along with his younger brother Solas and their knights to release Balor from Azura's control and restore peace to the divided kingdom. As the storm rolls in and the lightning crashes, will redemption rise from the shadows or will evil prevail in the legend that has come to be known as Rhythm in the Night.


Evil's influence claims the land and its greatest hero. The wicked  sorceress   Azura   has   captured   Balor,   the kingdom's greatest hero, and placed him under her spell. Balor now leads her army of  relentless  henchmen  in  a plan to dominate all opposition.




​​Further weaving her wicked ways, Azura  lures  Balor deeper under her control , distancing him further from his true self. Despite the beauty of  this  femme  fatale,  only darkness lies under the surface.




Even   amidst   the   approaching   chaos,   there   is   an innocence to the ancient times and elderly lands that still exists.




With the kingdom stripped of its heroic leader, the people of the land call upon Balor's loving companion Aisling and his younger brother Solas in their  hour  of  need.  Solas and  his  knights  lead  a courageous effort to rescue their commander and  defeat the evil Azura.




The stars are in alignment  as  the  constellations  show favor upon the heroine Aisling.  Forever  Balor's  faithful love, the graceful yet daring  Aisling  displays her grace and determination to restore peace to the kingdom and rescue her love that has unwillingly left her side.

As the full moon ascends into the night, the messengers of music deliver their tune in honor of the kingdom's people.



In a display of raw power  and  ferocity,  Balor  commands his new found legion of henchmen as they prepare to take the   kingdom   by   storm   and   eliminate   any   and    all resistance.



In a chance meeting, Aisling encounters the evil Azura as the pair  face  each  other  for  the  first  time.   As  Aisling displays her stunning grace and beauty, Azura  follows  a step behind.



The day has left and night  envelopes  the  landscape.   A clouded  moon   fails  to  pierce  the  black  sky  while  an uneasiness grips  the air.   As  Balor  and  the  henchmen continue their march of oppression, Solas and his  knights make their move in an attempt to halt the darkness driving Balor's aggression.


Azura  |  Balor  |  The Henchmen


The  dust  has  settled  and  the  heroes  regroup.   In  the aftermath  of  a  challenging  battle,  the  knights  and  the women celebrate all  that  remains  good.   The  gathering proves to find a bright spot in even the most foreboding of times.​




​After a disappointing stalemate in engaging Balor and  his forces, Solas issues a decree for all the kingdom's knights to join him in his cause to relieve Balor  of  his  curse  and return peace to the people.


Battling his inner strife caused  by  the  sorcery  of  Azura, Balor struggles to overcome Azura's spell as he is torn by the recognition of his love Aisling.


In the blackest of  night,  Aisling  finds  herself  under  the worst of circumstances  as  she  makes  a  final  effort  to persuade Balor back to his true self. With the former hero back   under   Azura's   trance,   Balor    commands    the henchmen to destroy any and all challengers.


As brisk winds pass through the horizon of a fading moon, it   is   the  calm  before  the  storm  that  fulfills  the  onset  of dusk.


Rescued and renewed, Aisling leads her ensemble of heroines   against   the   forces  of  Azura  led  by  the sorceress herself.   Armed  with  nothing  more  than compassion   and   drive,  Aisling  and  her  allies  are determined to defeat the evil Azura and her clan.


The forces of good and evil are on a collision course  and the   profound   clash  of  both  sides  come  to  their  final destinations. Captured by Azura and with Solas too far to help, the henchmen trap Aisling and seek  to  banish  her for eternity. Her moment of desperation remains  the  last hope for redemption to rise from the shadows.


With the smoke cleared and  Azura  defeated,  Balor  rids himself of his armaments as  Aisling  finds  herself  in  his arms once again. The couple is reunited to the purity and love they had before darkness swept the kingdom.


The kingdom rejoices in the  triumphant  victory  of  their champions, assembling brethren from  across  the  land, the citizens celebrate the defeat of Azura and the arrival of peace.


With the story complete, the cast of Rhythm in the Night  display their rhythmic prowess and discipline led in this dynamic acapella piece.


The finale featuring the four principal dancers and the Rhythm in the Night Irish dance troupe.

 Aisling  |  Solas  | The Knights


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